CodeCon 2005 Submission


Photospace is an open platform for searching, viewing and annotating digital media in time and space.

Presented by Alon Salant

Alon is an owner of Carbon Five,, Java programmer and budding geohacker. He has presented a number of times at JavaOne on Enterprise Java topics, written for O'Reilly's OnJava and contributed the Java chapter for O'Reilly's Flash Remoting the Definitive Guide.

Project History

Photospace has its origins in yet another homegrown digital photo management tool that started bursting at the seams with just too many photographs.

The goal of the project is to make a large set of digital media as useful as possible while minimizing the effort required to add media and meaning to the system.

Core principals:

The result:

Photospace has been inspired by Thingster, Flickr, Gmail, PhotoRDF and discussion on the geowanking mailing list among others.

Project Demo

Photospace addresses three current topics in software development.

First is the interaction between software and real objects in time and space. Geocoding and mapping are core elements of this topic. Second is the semantic web and interoperating applications. Web services and RDF are core elements of this topic. Third is finding and using implicit meta data in large systems.

This presentation is of the Photospace software project in the context of these topics. Examples include using Photospace-managed photography in external applications and writing JSP, PHP, .Net or Flash clients to Photospace services.

Presentation structure:

Example: Spatial search results on a Terraserver image in RDFMapper.,-122.5+radius:3
A search for all media within 3km of 38°N,122.5°W, China Camp State Park, CA.,-122.5+radius:3&view=rss
The RSS view of these search results.
These search results plotted on a Terraserver aerial photograph of China Camp using MapBureau's RDFMapper service.,-122.5+radius:3&view=map
These search results plotted on a TIGER Map Server map.

Future Plans